You are one Dynamite Gal

Hi, I'm Jasmine.
I'm from California :) pretty Much all over cali.
but Disneyland is Home.
John Green books make me SO happy.
I like poetry, my favorite poets are Sarah Kay, Phil Kaye, and Andrea Gibson :)
I'm the girl With the funny stories and the girl who is Always wearing sweaters...
Follow and ask questions.
Or just Pretty much tell me anything


It’s officially gone too far now.

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velma on the streets but daphne in the sheets

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Light and Shadow Art by Fabrizio Corneli

Italian artist Fabrizio Corneli creates stunning shadow and light art, using geometric structures…

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me too

this is why i love nicknames. Because then when it’s serious time, and they person calls the other person by their REAL name, you know that they are either terrified, 100% not joking, or extremely worried. 

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